JConnelly is built on a foundation of collaboration, innovation, and mutual respect. Embarking on a journey with us means immersing yourself in a culture where excellence is the norm, learning is perpetual, and every individual is a valued stakeholder.

unity in purpose

At the heart of JConnelly lies a deep-seated sense of camaraderie. Our commitment to our clients is mirrored in the unwavering support we offer each other. Here, relationships are nurtured, making our community not just a place to work, but a place to flourish together.


Competitive Compensation: Our industry-leading compensation reflects our understanding of your worth and our commitment to your advancement.

Continuous Learning: We’re in an ever-evolving field. We ensure you’re always at the forefront by promoting and providing ongoing learning opportunities.

ESOP: JConnelly employees are partners, owning a share in the agency through a generous Employee Stock Ownership Plan.


Flexibility as Standard: Long before it was fashionable, we championed a flexible work approach, understanding that productivity and innovation can happen anywhere, whether in our key hubs or globally connected remote spaces.

Integrated Work-Life Approach: In addition to 11 holidays per year, our generous Paid Time Off and Volunteer Time Off policies ensure you have time to relax, recharge, and give back to the causes you care about most deeply.


Holistic Benefits: We ensure you’re comprehensively covered from the essentials like 401(k) matches and health insurance to lifestyle supports such as commuter assistance and pet- care benefits.

benefits at jconnelly

We believe in rewarding our team with a comprehensive package of benefits designed to support and enhance both personal and professional well-being.

diversity & inclusion: crafting a brighter, inclusive tomorrow

At JConnelly, we believe in the unique value inherent in each individual. There is power within diverse perspectives and experiences, and we recognize this inclusivity as a driving force behind innovation and success. We value every person’s contribution and are committed to fostering an environment where all are respected, appreciated, and given equal opportunities to thrive. JConnelly celebrates the richness that diversity brings to our work, and we are dedicated to working with, learning from, and supporting people from all walks of life.

join us

At JConnelly, your journey is integrated into a broader mission of impact and authenticity. When you join our team, you are joining a community that values dedication, fosters growth, and consistently strives for excellence.